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Av Stefan Andersson - 12 juli 2009 07:33

Hur blir det egentligen i Honduras? Det verkar som att de finansmakter som har kontrollen över USA försöker få tiden att gå så att uppståndelsen kring och motståndet mot kuppen ska lägga sig.

Bill Van Auken:

The talks convened in the Costa Rican capital San José on Thursday with the purported aim of resolving the political crisis unleashed by the June 28 coup in neighboring Honduras, are shaping up as a farce. The apparent object of this fraudulent exercise is to legitimize the military overthrow of the elected president of Honduras and realize the aims of Washington and the predominant sections of the right-wing Honduran oligarchy.

Samtidigt som det folkliga stödet för Zelaya har stärkts så finns det anledning att oroa sig över vad som kan hända i andra Latinamerikanska länder om militärkupper ska tillåtas nå resultat.

Kevin Coleman:

This, however, is the first coup by a united upper class. The Honduran business community united across party lines, deciding that it was worth severing the traditional patron-client relations that they enjoyed through their affiliation with one of the dominant parties so that they could stop Zelaya in his effort to increase the participation of common citizens in the affairs of their government while he also drew the country closer to Venezuela.

But after winning the election, Zelaya gradually began to confront the main power blocks in the country. It was then that he gave Roberto Micheletti Bain, who was at the time the President of the Honduran Congress, an ultimatum: either sign a law widening the scope of the citizenry’s participation in the affairs of its government or he would not take office the next day.

In 2006, Zelaya pushed through the Law of Transparency, giving the public unprecedented access to the information produced by and for the Honduran government. In January 2009, he increased the minimum wage from $132 per month to $290 per month, infuriating the elite and small business owners. Shortly after, he joined ALBA. Spearheaded by Hugo Chávez, ALBA is an economic development initiative that is intended as a counterweight to U.S.-backed development initiatives in the region.

“No fue golpe!” is the refrain constantly shouted by supporters of Micheletti’s interim government. A coup is not a coup. A not-coup is a coup. This is the Alice-in-Wonderland world of present-day Honduras.

It was Zelaya’s unexpected moves to the left, without the strong support of any particular social and political base, that helped to unify the Honduran right against him. But while less than a week ago, Zelaya had no social base to speak of, the coup has outraged even those who thought his policies and erratic behavior to be ridiculous. For them, this is no longer about the political left or right and much less about Mel Zelaya. Instead, they see the military’s illegal sacking of the president as an assault on their democratic system.
And geopolitically, the stakes are equally high. If the Honduran right gets away with this military coup, what is to stop the Salvadoran right from sacking Mauricio Funes? And if the international community allows the military to overthrow the democratically elected leader of Honduras, why shouldn’t the Nicaraguan right feel emboldened enough to overthrow Daniel Ortega?

Intervju med Zelaya på DemocracyNow strax innan han åkte till Costa Rica.
Eva Golinger hos Laura Flanders om Honduras.

Telesur and Venezuelan TV Journalists Arrested in Honduras

Evo Morales:

Bolivian President Evo Morales says Honduras military coup was a warning from Washington to stop the growth of governments opposed to US imperialism.
“This threat doesn’t scare us; on the contrary, with more force, we will be stronger,” Morales said on Sunday.




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